Unlimited Benefits and Options with Whatsapp for Windows

Whatsapp for PC is relatively new, in what concerns the number of users. We all know that Whatsapp is very famous and popular among users all over the world, but now, we have the possibility to install this amazing service right on our personal computer. In addition, for this, all you need to do is to spare a couple of minutes of your life.

Actually, Whatsapp for PC is simple, secure, and powerful. Unlike other messaging applications of the same type, there is no need to login or out to remember usernames or passwords. In order to make use of Whatsapp, all you need to do is to provide a working phone number, which will work as a bridge to connect you with your friends. In the same time, I would want to mention the fact that everything is completely free of charge.


The app provides one year free subscription, as I told you above, and then you will have to pay a quite affordable amount of money. It is actually $0.99 per year.

What makes this application that interesting is the fact that it provides people the opportunity to connect with others, even if they do not share the same carrier, region or even country. And everything happens completely free of charge. The good thing with Whatsapp on PC is that you have the same benefits while you are using your computer. This will give you a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard to type faster and easier.

Having Whatsapp installed, you can use it as sharing service. This amazing messaging platform gives you the option to share photos, videos, various files such as audio records, or even your location. Among all this incredible opportunities, you can create an account, with avatar, profile, personal information, and pictures to share with your contacts.

In the same time, you do not have to worry about privacy and security. The application will take care itself. You do not share your personal information randomly. Only the ones that you want will have access to your phone number, email address, and other things you share within Whatsapp for PC.

What I want to mention regarding Whatsapp on Windows or Whatsapp on mobile is that now, with the updated version, our options are multiple. We can easily save our conversations for a later read or use, or we can create a backup for each one of them. For both of these options, just head over to the More option, and enable the first option or the second one. Afterwards, you can even share your conversations with other contacts.

At this point, Whatsapp is the most favorable and addictive way of communication among all groups of people. And since it has become some famous, it is available for almost all mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. At this point, having the possibility to install the application on PC, I am sure that many more other people will take advantage of its options and features, in the best free way possible.


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