Improve Your Texting Experience with WhatsApp for PC

There is a colossal number of people who use WhatsApp on their Smartphones every day, but the number of persons who began utilizing WhatsApp for PC is increasing, as well.

The reason why this, as well as other texting application, is so used is because texting became the one of the most used methods of communication, in present people preferring sending a text message instead of calling the person who wants to talk to.

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whatsapp for pcWhat is WhatsApp for PC? Well, it is actually the same app people enjoy using on their Smartphone, but it is used on their computer, making their actions a lot easier, and the experience even better, as the screen is larger and multitasking a lot simpler. In addition to these benefits, there is something else, and I am now referring to the fact that once you decided to use WhatsApp for Windows or Mac, you will definitely keep your Smartphone in a better shape as the battery will be safer since you won’t use it as much as before.

WhatsApp for PC is a free service, as well as the one for the smartphones, enables people to communicate with all the devices that have WhatsApp installed, even though they do not own an iPhone or other kind or Smartphone. The amazing thing about WhatsApp is that it gives you the possibility to send thousands of messages all over the world, without charging them, for only a couple of cents per year.

WhatsApp for PC works exactly like the Smartphone app, allowing the user to send and receive messages, to share documents, images as well as videos. Not only these, but it seems that creating a profile and adding a picture and a status are also possible.

How to Get WhatsApp for PC

In order to have the possibility to use WhatsApp for PC, you must firstly make your computer function exactly like an Android. The only way to do that is through an Android emulator. You should be aware of the fact that you have more than one choice when it comes to the Android emulators. For example, you have the possibility to choose from BlueStacks or YouWave, which are extremely similar, the biggest difference being price related. BlueStacks can be downloaded for free while YouWave brings the Android experience to your computer for a small amount of money.

whatsapp on pcOnce the Android system is brought to your computer, you can start to download WhatsApp for PC. There is nothing difficult when it comes to getting WhatsApp for PC, and the installation is quite similar to the Smartphone experience. Therefore, there should be nothing to worry about since there are no problems that might be encountered. However, in order to complete the process of downloading WhatsApp for PC, you must follow carefully all the steps recommended to you through the multitude of articles and tutorials available online.

As stated before, the WhatsApp for PC experience is similar to the one on your Smartphone, and we can say the same thing about configuring the app. However, there are a couple of differences that you must be aware of. For example, if when you are installing the texting app on your Smartphone, all your contacts that are using the same app are added to your list automatically. Well, this will not happen when you install WhatsApp for Windows or Mac. That means that you need to add your contacts manually.

In addition, there is something else you must know. In case you are already using your phone number for mobile WhatsApp, you are not able to use the same one. That means that if you are interested in using WhatsApp on PC and at the same time on your Smartphone, you are supposed to use two different phone numbers.

This would be all you should know regarding the texting app and its usage on computers. Once you brought the Android experience to your computer, and you installed WhatsApp for PC, you are ready to begin chatting with your friends who are using the same app on their computer, as well, or on their Smartphones.


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